Saturday, January 7, 2012

Difference Between Varchar and nVarchar

VARCHAR is an abbreviation for variable-length character string where as The abbreviation of NVarchar is uNicode Variable Length character String.VARCHAR is a string of text characters that can be as large as the page size for the database table holding the column in question. The size for a table page is 8,196 bytes, and no one row in a table can be more than 8,060 characters. This in turn limits the maximum size of a VARCHAR  to 8,000 bytes.

Like  consider a scenario where we want to save data in other languages then we have to use Unicode format.To save any text in its unicode format we will use nVarchar.


  1. nice post,but could you give basic 1 line differences of all datatype in sql in a series,like so many datatype starts from n,few of them with date. what the use of these all?

    1. Thanks for appreciation,very soon I ll update this topic also.