Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Image in RDLC

Show External Images In RDLC
This post is about "How to show images in RDLC?". 
Step 1 : In RDLC just drag n drop image from toolbox.
Step 2 : In property of Image change source to external and in value specify the path of image.
In path u have to put  "file:/// " before the absolute path for local resources and for Server "http://" .
Step 3 : In Code Behind we have to enable EnableExternalImages.
            ReportViewer1.LocalReport.EnableExternalImages = true;
Now, Run the report. If Image is not visible than we have to follow step 4.
Step 4 : We may need to bypass proxy settings to allow the external image to appear. Add following setting to web.config file.
            <proxy proxyaddress ="http://proxyservername:80" usesystemdefault="False" bypassonlocal="True">    </proxy>


  1. can you put an complete article on creating a basic rdlc report with a dataset & stored procedures(in C#.Net).With step by step from begining to end. I'm new to rdlc reporting & feel like all messed up. I think you can help me
    Thanx in advance...

    I've found lot of complex articles about rdlc. bt none of them was much helpful.

    1. Its already here.Read This One -->